Having a baby is truly special. It is an amazing and unforgettable experience that will bring many years of joy.  And yet how this journey unfolds and progresses, in many ways is different for us all - a unique experience. Whether it is your first child or your seventh child, your first son or first daughter, or maybe - just maybe - your third set of twins; whatever your situation your journey will have something new in store for you. Dr Anneliese Perkins understands this. Through years of experience helping and guiding expectant mothers and their partners, Dr Anneliese Perkins understands that this is your journey and is able to work with mothers to deliver the wonderful experience of childbirth while simultaneously guiding and promoting best possible outcomes.


Dr Anneliese Perkins believes that her role - as your Obstetrician - is to help and guide you through your pregnancy experience. Whether you are a first-time mother with a boundless list of questions on every aspect of pregnancy; or whether you just need a shoulder to lean on briefly to rest a weary back, Dr Anneliese Perkins is able to support you on your journey. Dr Anneliese Perkins strives to provide compassionate and professional obstetric care for women during pregnancy and childbirth, working with women and their partners to facilitate a successful and enjoyable birth process. Her aim is to create a friendly, relaxed and open environment where different choices and options surrounding the birth of your child can be discussed in complete comfort. 

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Having a passion for ultrasound, Dr Anneliese Perkins uses advanced ultrasound technology to monitor the progress of your baby and enable you to see and hear them throughout your pregnancy. She is able to offer dating, reassurance and growth ultrasounds at her rooms.

Dr Anneliese Perkins consults from the Ashford Medical Centre, on site at Ashford Hospital. Dr Anneliese Perkins provides labour and birthing options at Ashford Hospital. Ashford Hospital is fully equipped with the highest level of private intensive care, neonatal and maternal care available in South Australia. In addition to private Obstetrics Dr Anneliese Perkins also works as a Sonologist at Adelaide Women's Imaging providing Specialist Medical Ultrasound services including nuchal translucency, amniocentesis, morphology and high risk fetal growth monitoring.

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