Dr Anneliese Perkins works independently and therefore during the week is on call for her own patients. However, she chooses to share the weekend on call demand (for example phone enquiries, miscellaneous script requests and routine investigations) with three other Obstetricians - Dr Linda McKendrick, Dr Ray Yoong and Dr Carl Lam. All of these doctors have equal qualifications and the cover arrangements work well. Even when not on call, Anneliese will still attend for your delivery where-ever possible. Any leave for holidays or conferences will also be covered by the above doctors.


Dr Linda McKendrick

Dr Linda McKendrick.

Dr Ray Yoong

Dr Ray Yoong.

MYO&G Clinic

Dr Anneliese Perkins works independently but utilises rooms, reception and many other shared services provided by MYO&G Clinic.

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